The North Denver Metro area used to be little more than a conglomeration of mining and farming communities loosely tied together. In the last few years, the landscape has changed considerably as the once bedroom communities have turned into bustling and vibrant suburbs. North Metro (Westminster, Erie, Thornton, Broomfield, Longmont, etc.) now boasts more than 650,000 residents—and it’s still growing.

The Yellow Scene Magazine was first in this emerging region, taking advantage of an untapped market. People are moving to the North Metro area in droves for the “Boulder lifestyle—without the Boulder address.” Our readers are adventurous, love the Colorado sunshine and loathe having to spend a half-million dollars on a tiny house in Downtown Boulder. That’s not to say we ignore Boulder; we focus on select, upscale neighborhoods leaving CU and the rental population to Boulder’s target publications.

Our readers have come to expect quite a bit from us since 2001 as the region’s premier source for politics, arts and entertainment, local news, and restaurant coverage. With more than 70,000 copies being distributed each month from 104th Avenue to Highway 66, the Yellow Scene is also the largest publication in the region. Lucky for us, this formula has worked, and we’ve established ourselves as the locals’ choice for quality coverage of everything local. This has translated into us being the top choice for advertisers to place their message.

The Yellow Scene is an indispensable resource for residents and advertisers alike.


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