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Chiropractic Center of Erie

For over 25 years the team at Chiropractic Center of Erie has been consistently voted one of the top docs in Boulder County.


So when we were ready to bring on a new doc, we made sure they aligned with our vision for better care. 


The Chiropractic Center of Erie is not a high volume or impersonal practice. Here you will find individually focused treatment from caregivers you can trust.


There are no surprises. No two people are alike and we take the time to find the right plan for you. 


We set appointments and charge according to your needs. 


You are completely treated EVERY TIME. Each visit also includes deep tissue massage and Neurostim to balance the muscles and nerve signals which aids in better and longer lasting corrections. This approach results in 60% fewer visits than chiropractic alone.


We would like to introduce Dr. Tyler Schwartz DC who comes to us with quite the impressive resume. A graduate of Rutgers, father of four, and active athlete, Dr Schwartz is accomplished in a multitude of techniques but is especially skilled in cranial care which helps with headaches, ear issues, TMJ and other health issues. 


Adjustments can be set for 15 minutes or 30 minute sessions. Both include Includes Neurostim and site specific massage.


Dolphin Neurostim uses a non-invasive tool to apply concentrated low-frequency stimulation to acupuncture points, motor/trigger points and contracted motor bands. This small unit makes it easy to use to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain. This combination of modern electrotherapy technology and ancient philosophies can provide synergistic therapeutic results. 


Cupping is used to target chronic musculoskeletal injuries in a unique way by drawing pressure from the affected area.  This decompression helps remove stagnation and promotes healing.


Ultrasound a high frequency vibratory wave that is applied to soft tissue.  This vibration has many effects from muscular relaxation, breaking up scar tissue from injuries to driving out swelling due to a sprain or strain.


Massage is an essential part of any skeletal care. We offer 30-90 minute sessions as well as Hot Stone and Aroma Touch Therapy. 


Voted “Best of the West” Six Times!!


David Ehrmantraut, DC    Tyler Schwartz, DC    Summer Milacek, LMT



Open Mon-Sat

655 Briggs St. Downtown Erie


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