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YS provides community-based, hyper-local stories to Boulder County and the North Metro Area with a strict dedication to real journalism, editorial integrity, and stunning design. We believe there is power in reading the printed word and that factually based, interesting, and engaging content are at the core of serving the public good.


When you publish 100,000 words a month, there are times when a mistake can slip through. Most of the errors Yellow Scene Magazine has experienced are typos, but on the very rare occasion we publish a story that we got wrong, a correction is immediately published to notify the public of the required edit to correct it. In print, we will publish the correction in the next edition, online we will provide a correction at the top of the story.

Tough enough to keep going after 24 years.  

Since the year 2000, YS has been dedicated to creating community conversations to bring awareness to important social, political, and cultural topics for Boulder County & the North Metro Region. 

Yellow Scene Magazine started out of a two-bedroom apartment in 2000 as a flier printed on yellow paper. With blood, sweat, and an awful lot of pure gumption, the publication began to grow, attract some of the best talents in the county and become the award-winning publication we are today.

Proud to boast over 172 Colorado Press Association and Society of Professional Journalists awards for excellence in journalism and design. We’ve often joked that first, we’d take over Boulder County, then the North Metro Denver region, and finally, the world. Consider two of those checked off our list. In 2009, the Yellow Scene Magazine exploded from a successful East County publication into the North Metro and Boulder County area’s foremost news and culture magazine.

We are the largest printed publication in the area, with a monthly print distribution of 50,000 copies monthly (and growing with our sustaining supporter ‘Sponsor A Journalist’ program, which gets you YS delivered to your home). We provide engaging,  journalistically sound, and always creative coverage of local and regional news, politics, arts, culture, entertainment, cuisine, and whatever else we think is relevant to the Community.

We have interviewed powerful politicians (Governors Polis & Hickenlooper), music greats, and pop stars (Henry Rollins, Daniel Mate, Jason Mraz, Slightly Stoopid, Adam Devine, Governers, leading policy makers, and more), along with cultural icons (author and foodie revolutionary Michael Pollan and The Cove director Louie Psihoyos, television celebrity William Shatner). Find a more extensive list in our Media Kit.

We are never satisfied sitting still and are constantly reaching for the highest level of creativity and journalism. We remain true to journalism standards and adhere to the Editor’s Code of Practice as stated on the Independent Press Standards Organisation website and the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

With that said, our role is not just to be a regional news source but to enliven our readers’ day-to-day by being a resource for news, politics, culture, food, entertainment, recreation, travel, sports, and education. We expect to close in on the whole world domination thing by the end of the decade.

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Colorado Society of Professional Journalists Member & multi Award-Winner,

Over 50 Maggie nominations, Western Publishers Association



Yellow Scene Magazine has worked diligently since 2000 to be factually accurate in our reporting and opinions.

Yellow Scene Magazine does not dictate what employees express in their personal lives or personal time. We do expect our employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner. However, employee opinions are not reflections of Yellow Scene Magazine. Any views, thoughts, or opinions expressed in any way outside of Yellow Scene Magazine’s digital or print presence belong solely to the author. They are not necessarily reflections of the author’s employer, organization, committee, or other group or individuals associated with Yellow Scene Magazine.