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Best of the West

Best of the West

Yellow Scene Magazine is BOCO’s only true Readers Poll. It is the only OPEN poll to vote for community favorites. There are no drop-down menus. YS is the only write-in ballot for our readers to tell us who’s best.

Are you ready to vote for your favorites? Polling is now OPEN! Winners to be announced in February 2023. 


Click on: yellowscene.com/bestofthewest
to vote and be entered to win!

Polls close January 12th, 2024

After the polls close, the top 25 people who filled out the most categories win a $25 Gift Card from cool local restaurants and retailers.

Find past Best of the West winners below:
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Older years have yet to transition to our website. Know anyone who would love to come in and archive for us on an Indie budget? Send them our way: [email protected]

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