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Yellow Scene Magazine distributes 55,000 magazines (50,000 during the Pandemic) throughout Boulder County and the North Metro area, giving us a prominent media presence and making us one of the most accessible publications in the region. We offer a casual, creative enthusiastic work environment with high expectations, serious deadlines, and opportunities to collaborate with a hard-working team of editors, designers, account representatives, and one badass publisher. At Yellow Scene, we seek to find unique individuals that feel right at home in our eclectic, hectic, and creative environment. YS provides a great environment for the creatives, the individual, we often lovingly refer to ourselves as a group of scrappy, rag-tag beatniks! YS is a place to grow but expect late-night deadlines-we are a monthly magazine! (We provide ample time off in exchange for those late, late nights).

Direct applications accepted by mailing to Job Applications. Please include all relevant material such as resume, cover letter, and work samples. Include the position in the subject line.


Freelance writer

In the world of “content writing” (which we have a particular disdain for, see: https://yellowscene.com/2019/03/31/your-native-advertising-sucks-and-why-content-is-still-king), there are still a few beacons of Print Media that are staying true to the mission.

Yellow Scene Magazine may not be a national publication, but we have been around 20 years as an Independent in Boulder County. We cover arts, entertainment, news, politics, social issues, education, healthcare, science, oil & gas, elections, food and drink, cannabis and whatever else we think is worthy to talk about.

We have won over 110 awards for Excellence in Journalism since inception in 2000 and have grown to the largest distributed publication in the region. Not bad for an Indie who has self-financed all the way, but it also means we are kind of demanding and generally broke. After all, we are staying true to what we do. You won’t find a single “Native Advertising” article in our pages—ever.

We encourage writers to find their Voice. Factually based of course, but you have a voice and you are here to communicate it. You are not afraid of research, (yep it comes with the territory), and not afraid of direction. We are cranky, we are getting old and we are picky.

If this sounds like the ideal writing gig, then we are looking for a few true journalists who are as passionate as we are.

If out of state, then please indicate how you go about researching your subjects to get that insiders view.

Learn more in our Media Kit. Reading our archives can be your first assignment.


Editorial and Graphic Internships

Yellow Scene Magazine offers Internships throughout the year both in the Graphics and Editorial teams.

Internships are unpaid the first 3 months, with opportunity to work into paid assignments. Initially you will be getting your chops tested and trained to be able to become a fully contributing designer or journalist.

Editorial Interns will first work behind the scenes before being on the scene. You will be versed in what journalism excellence means while maintaining a voice that readers can be excited about.

Work will include managing the calendar, helping upload to the website, short write ups for the web, attending events as available thus allowing you to eventually work into writing paid pieces for the magazine.

Graphic Interns will get a serious hands-on training in agency quality design, copywriting. Upon departing you should be able to produce work that looks like this: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BzdUF52IOLSQU05hMWxHQ0Z0T3c.

Email resume, clips/portfolio and a cover letter to apply@yellowscene.com. No phone calls please.


Distribution Drivers

Monthly Gig Work! email: advertising@yellowscene.com

Deliver YS Magazine, once a month to local businesses on a pre-mapped route.

It’s good money for the gig, but you are stopping at between 250-300 businesses in a 2-3 day period.

  • Pay is $1.15 per stop and you should be able to deliver 14-16 stops per hour your first time delivering.
  • Regular drivers that are familiar with their route are able to reach closer to 25-30 stops per hour.
  • So…250 stops should take you 15-18 hours the first time and closer to 10-12 by your 2nd or 3rd delivery trip.
  • Pay is by the drop and the routes are spot-checked upon finishing, but you should be earning approx. $18 an hour your first delivery and be earning approx. $30 an hour by your third.

Good money for the time. What’s the catch?

  • You are driving your car around to 250-300 businesses to stop and deliver magazines once a month.
  • Weight is 12.5 pounds per bundle and you take approx. 20-25 bundles: total weight of about 250 pounds.
  • Must deliver during normal business hours-no nights or weekends.
  • Routes: 1. Boulder, 2. Longmont/Erie/Lyons, 3. Lafayette/Louisville and 4. Broomfield/Westminster/Thornton
  • Pay is distributed about 2 weeks following delivery (so we have time to spot-check and update reports). Gas can be provided at the end of delivery when you return your report. And we have an abundance of good spiff we bonus our best drivers with.
  • Good work for students, retirees, or someone who’s already doing gig work.
  • You also get $50 in gas for every 200 stops. Even with today’s gas prices that is more than enough unless you drive a tank.


Advertising Sales & Marketing Account Executive

Advertising Sales (is more fun than Insurance)

One Brilliant, Shiny, Star-studded Advertising Sales & Marketing Account Executive

“Sales is either the highest paying, hardest working job you ever had, or, the easiest, lowest paying.”

“If you service the client properly, the sale happens naturally.”

The reason we title our role as an Apprentice is we are not looking for just another salesperson. There is a million sales job, and some of them we aren’t really fond of ourselves. (It’s why we started our own magazine.)

We take great pride in our role as marketing experts who strive to help each and every customer with smart, well-planned marketing strategies, incredible design, and a publication that has never sold out the journalism standards. Not even once. (It’s why we remain Independent).

Sales can be this amazing role of customer consultation, expertise in marketing, design and advertising, PR agent and essential rainmaker for everyone involved from the client to the company.

It can also be brutally hard. Rejection, objections, learning the product, all take a great deal of effort, stamina and drive to navigate.

We will teach. In fact, we are masters of teaching the art and craft of servicing the client properly. (So much so our competitors always try and hire our staff away…)

We have been in Media & Marketing for over 30 years. We know our stuff. We are salty and we earned it.

Our one requirement? You are hungry. Hungry to learn. Hungry to develop your skills. (Sales teaches everything you need to know about business. Advertising teaches you what you need to know about marketing, and marketing teaches you how to succeed.) You want to learn but you are hungry to earn more than a salary or an hourly income. Want a raise? You understand you can go get it yourself by putting in that extra.

We don’t reside in a pretty glass building in a hipster downtown. In fact, we might be as far from that work atmosphere as you can find. We are a locally owned publication that started 19 years ago out of an apartment. Since 2000 we have grown to the most popular through the merits and talents of our illustrious editors, writers, salespeople, and administrative associates.

We didn’t get to the largest distributed local publication through big investors. Everything we have done from the beginning is self-start. We are certain we got here (going up against much larger financed organizations and beating them) by sticking to a couple key principles: Hire great writers, great artists and great salespeople (or great salespeople in the making), that and some strong bootstraps.

The environment is eclectic, chaotic creative, and filled with deadlines.

If this all sounds like you, don’t just send us your resume AND a cover letter. That doesn’t tell us who you are. Go ahead, give us that cover letter telling us all about your goals. We are willing to take on the novice, the newbie, the fresh-faced – we just want to know who you are and what those passions are all about.

This is a commission structured position with a base to get you started while you build your book of business.


Marketing Intern and Event Worker

We are looking for a couple outgoing, friendly, dependable people to man our YS Booth at several area events. You will be able to talk to people as they pass by, hand out Fest Bags and encourage people to sign up for the Free YS Consumer Card-which earns them discounts at area businesses.

No selling required but strong PR skills are. Our goal is to sign up as many people as possible! You need to be good at working crowds and not afraid to talk to people to attract them to the booth, promoting Giveaways as incentive. We have over 40 events throughout Boulder County and the North Metro area so ability to transport from event to event is necessary. Most events SATURDAY, with a few on weeknights. Responsible for setting up and tearing down booth.

Course work signoffs are provided when working through an internship program from local schools, and compensation bonuses are obtainable based on the number of signups recorded. Additional work opportunities include but may not be limited to: helping increase our number of Boulder business distribution sites and fest bag stuffing/general event participation. Please email your why this position interests you, your background, qualifications and best time to reach you.

Send a resume of course, but we really like applicants who take the time to tell us why they think this job fits them, so please send a cover letter along with those credentials.