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Acne Lab, The

Acne Lab Founder, Corrine Ambrose

From my senior year in high school through my early twenties, I struggled for years to clear my skin of persistent and significant acne. My few dermatologists would prescribe topical and oral antibiotics and would “modify” my skin care regimen by increasing the dosage of both. When those attempts failed, my desperation skyrocketed and I willingly agreed to take an extremely toxic isotretinoin… I was desperate for a solution and there were very few options presented to me.

Millions of teenagers and adults struggle to control and eliminate persistent acne, yet, only 10 percent of all acne sufferers ever seek medical help. Some of the reasons for not seeking treatment is the perception that acne is embarrassing, its not taken seriously as a condition that requires professional treatment, and because previous attempts of treating acne may have failed.

Acne Is Treatable!

Though there is no cure, acne is treatable. The Acne Lab is designed to help treat wpersistent chronic acne without harsh prescriptions (retinoids, isotretinoins, antibiotics), lasers, abrasive chemical peels, microdermabrasions, or an unending search for the next miracle-in-a-bottle.

The Acne Lab mission is threefold:

  1. Remedy: Eliminate current and future acne
  2. Repair: Reestablish the overall health and appearance of the skin
  3. Reveal: Make-up products and techniques to put your best face forward from the very first day

The average length of treatment is 6 appointments over a 12 week period in which the home care routine will be essential. 

The Acne Lab ensures that each client is given a two-week regimen that is customized to their specific skin care needs and provides ongoing education with the goal of giving each client clear, clean, healthy, skin.

Acne Treatment & Skin Repair

Ant-Aging Skin Care

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