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Active Imprints and Active 88



Art and Sole. BALANCE. YinYang.

The source for your Running Zen.

Since 1988 owners, Danny & Jennifer Abshire have helped runners achieve optimum performance through custom insoles, training and even writing a book.

Danny is a leading innovator in the world of running footwear. As a life-long runner, designer and author, he is a local expert in form and coaching. With his wife, Jennifer, they helped cofound Newton Running Company, and Danny wrote the acclaimed running book, Natural Running.


Who better than the folks at Active Imprints to launch the latest technology in running shoes?


Introducing Active 88

These super lightweight shoes, has take every step you take into practice application. We have taken the best of over 30 years in running to design, what could be darn near, the perfect running shoe.

And they look pretty cool too.




The YinYang R/T represents the balance of running. Some good days. Some bad days. Some fast days. Some slow days. Road miles-trail miles. Sunny days -rainy days. What ever the day is, get out and enjoy it in your Active88’s.

Local artist Cody Abshire captures the ‘Balance of running ‘ in this custom logo featured on the YinYang model. Flip it upside down and you’ll see the orange and black running guy in black and white. Balance your form. Balance your feet. Balance your life. Do it in style and comfort. Art is on display at the new store in Boulder CO. Come on in and check it out.

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