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Thinking about doing your own plan? Leave it to us.

Estate Planning doesn’t seem to make it to the top of everyone’s busy ‘to-do’ list, however when probate, court and attorney fees start to pile up, you’re going to wish you knew all the options. We’re here to help with every step of your Estate Planning process to ensure your family is able to grieve and doesn’t find themselves entangled in court proceedings after you’re gone. We are aware that talking, let alone planning, for death isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; this is what drives us to take all the needed steps to ensure you and your loved ones have a stress free, enjoyable experience throughout your time in our firm. If you’re lucky, our office pups may even be around during your visit! If you’re still feeling a little hesitant to schedule your free initial consultation, here’s our latest estate planning nightmare; plan for your future so you can enjoy today!

Mark opened probate on his own 8 years ago for his mom. He thought he transferred the house properly but when it came time to complete probate, he learned he had not. The post office also put a stop to his mom’s mail, so he didn’t get the tax documents. He failed to pay taxes for 8 years since the bill was still going to the estate and not him personally with a total over $20,000 due.He had since moved into the house with his family. Out of the blue he gets a call from the lender saying they could help them pay off the foreclosure debt… which stopped Mark in his tracks.“What foreclosure?”The next thing he knows his house is being sold. He is now scrambling, doesn’t have the money to stop anything, and in order to get the max out of the house, has to reopen probate and sell the house from the estate.


There are countless stories like this one across the country. Althaus Law will not only ensure your will is up to date, but can help you avoid horror stories like this one. Even better, our clients tell us that working with Althaus makes the process easy and painless.

When Should I Start Planning?

At Althaus Law we like to refer to the “red flags” for starting an Estate Plan: starting a family, buying a house or a medical diagnosis. However, you don’t necessarily have to fall into these categories to get on our calendar. We also provide LLC and business services to help protect rental properties and assets, as well as medical documents to ensure loved ones are able to receive updates from doctors if a crisis arises. Having a will is a step in the right direction, but get scheduled today to find out the benefits of having a full plan drafted. Lastly, if you’re looking for some humor while learning more about why you need an estate plan, check out our Lawyer’s React videos on Youtube and engage with relevant topics while gaining helpful legal knowledge.



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