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Big Red F Restaurant Group

Big Red F Restaurant group is a great example of Boulder County’s ideological worldview. Sourcing natural meat and produce locally when possible and using herbs from their garden boxes. They recycle 100% of their waste oil with local companies and offset all of their electricity with wind energy. Big Red F restaurants only use fish from environmentally conscious fisheries that practice legal fishing in sustainable waters.

Started in 1994 by Chef Dave Query, Big Red F Restaurant Group has grown to incorporate 10 locations in 6 cities and 2 states. There are five Jax Fish House locations from Boulder to Denver and Fort Collins. The Post Brewing Company is located in Lafayette, Zolo Grill is in Boulder along with Centro Latin Kitchen, Lola Mexican Fish House and the West End Tavern.

Big Red F has created a name for itself by understanding it’s market niche and working to make everyday more successful than the last. They actively support a number of charities and strive to be an active participant in the communities that support them. Every success is created first in the kitchen and then by the customers, who over 20 years have become regulars and friends.

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