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Cannabis Symposium


Yellow Scene Magazine hosted the Inaugural Cannabis Symposium in 2016 to bring education, awareness, and conversation between the industry and the general public about the future of this revolutionary new industry.

In 2016 we talked about Legitimization, in 2017 we talked about Regulations and in 2018 we talked about Products. Legalized Cannabis is moving out of its infancy as it continues on a fast track of growth.

In 2019 we will be addressing Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Speakers are to be announced, but we will be having experts who work within the Cannabis Industry as well as outside of it to discuss how Cannabis can and should change the world and how the industry itself needs to change to help change the world.

The Symposium is meant to be an evening for anyone and everyone. We welcome those that are working within the industry to join us but equally welcome the general community — whether you are here just to learn or an experienced vet.

  • Happy Hour starts at 5 pm and includes one free drink at the private bar and some delicious dining to keep you going through the night.
  • The Symposium starts at 6:30 pm and goes until 8:15 pm.
  • The Silent Disco After-Party starts at 8:45 pm and goes until 11 pm.
  • In between feel free to head downstairs and enjoy some pinball, air hockey or Ms. Pac Man, Tilt! Pinball is one of our favorite places to play!

*This is a non-consumption event.


  • Boulder District Attorney Micheal Dougherty
  • Judy Daniels, PHD in Soil Science and owner Soil Sage
Want to know more what the Cannabis Symposium is about? Check out all three years at the Yellow Scene YouTube channel.

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