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Cottonwood Kennels

Some dogs
need more play,
need more people,
need more rest,

But all dogs go to heaven when they come to Cottonwood Kennels.

Cottonwood Kennels is truly a home away from home — but on a farm. Our ducks, peacocks and goats and spacious grounds make a perfect play place.

We have been family run since 1972 and our approach is each pet should receive the individual attention and care based on their physical and emotional needs. We provide a balance between social enrichment, individual activity and rest.

While we have grown and are rated one of Colorado’s top daycares, we still operate with the same small town attention we started with in 1972 and the same loving staff.


Large Dogs: $25 Half Day / $34 Full Day
Small Dogs: $21 Half Day / $27 Full Day

No Reservations Required for Daycare!


Cottonwood Kennels offers a farm like atmosphere with lots of outdoor time to its furry daycare clientele. Our playgrounds are very large and spacious as to ensure everyone has enough room to romp and play or settle down to sunbathe or lounge around.


Pasture Walks

Pets that visit us for daycare that don’t partake in group play will enjoy three playtimes with a staff member in their own individual playground, a private comfortable kennel for rest times, and at least one walk out in the pasture.


Play, Stay, Eat, Sleep And 


Nestled on a small farm just east of Boulder, you’ll find the perfect vacation in the country for your pet. Our boarding accommodations come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your pet’s individual needs. Some enjoy the luxury of having a cushy comfy indoor suite, while others prefer an indoor-outdoor run with their own private patio.

“True love is found in every dog kiss.”


75th & Valmont • Boulder • 303.442.2602

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