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Energy Smart

EnergySmart helps homes and businesses in all Boulder County communities become more comfortable and energy efficient. Each interested resident or business owner is paired with an expert Energy Advisor, who will assist in assessing energy-saving opportunities, prioritizing energy upgrades, finding qualified contractors, and filling out all the rebate forms. EnergySmart customers are eligible for exclusive rebates and financing toward eligible upgrades.

EnergySmart aims to reach at least 10,000 homes and 3,000 businesses by June 2013. It is designed to stimulate local economic growth; increase energy efficiency investment in Colorado; and advance the state’s energy independence through energy upgrades.

EnergySmart is a collaborative partnership throughout Boulder County, funded by Boulder County through a $25 million grant from the Department of Energy’s BetterBuildings Program, combined with contributions from the City of Boulder’s Climate Action Plan tax and the City of Longmont.

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