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Paul Drew Stuber

Filing for bankruptcy can be made a little less difficult with the right person in your corner. Offering individualized and personal attention, Paul Stuber specializes in bankruptcy law and has served as a Chapter 7 Trustee for six years.

When you get a DUI, it feels like no one is on your side. But for more than two decades, Paul Stuber has helped those charged with Driving Under the Influence navigate the complicated, expensive and daunting courts systems and Motor Vehicles maze. Stuber knows the best approach for every situation and is your greatest guide to managing a DUI.

For individuals with real estate or assets of more than $30,000 and a desire to make life easier and less expensive for his or her heirs, a trust is an excellent option. Practicing law since 1983, Paul Stuber specializes in trust and estate planning and helps individuals transfer assets to heirs without the delay, cost or disclosure.

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