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Radiance Power Yoga













Welcome to YOUR power; Welcome to the Intro to Baptiste Yoga Series!

Have you wanted to “get in” to Power Yoga, but felt lost, somehow unready? No more!

This series provides you the tools you need to be safe and have fun in your yoga practice. The sequence is broken down step by step, as well as the philosophy we teach through this practice so that you not only understand the basics of yoga, but you also understand the reasoning for the practice and how to modify it for your body. Expect a great body and mind workout with individualized attention.

The yoga poses from Baron Baptiste’s Journey Into Power sequence are carefully taught so you understand proper and safe alignment, and become familiar with all the terms used in class. The series provides you with a supportive, encouraging environment and personalized attention.

We recommend this class for individuals who are new to yoga and for those new to the studio without prior Baptiste exposure. We also recommend repeating this series as often as you’d like to build strength and intention in movement.

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