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Sushi Zanmai













“Boulder is a hot spot for great sushi:  Zanmai is a go-to stalwart but faces stiff competition from a number of like-minded upstarts.  We still prefer the place for its festive atmosphere, impeccable service, and traditional sushi.  Prepared while you watch — at the sushi bar or table-side — the options include everything from tuna and trout to sea urchin and octopus, with such exotic rolls as Colorado (raw filet mignon), Z-No. 9 (shrimp tempura, avocado, salmon, and eel sauce), and LSD (lettuce shrimp deluxe).  There are lunch specials as well as sushi happy-hour specials during lunch and dinner.  Karaoke sing-along takes place every Saturday from 10 pm to midnight.”


–from The New York Times

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