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In normal times, being an independent publication that adheres to real journalism standards is challenging enough.


Fortunately, we have tough journalists in these tough times.


As a local community source, our COVID-19 stories have been primarily focused on ways to support local community. Local stores to shop, mental health suggestions, Tips for Surviving Crisis, and Messages of Hope.
Over the last 20 years we have survived 911, Tornados, the Great Recession, Floods, and Expansion. We’ll be damned if we let a pandemic keep us from year 21, which is why we are here to support you through 2020 as well. 

We appreciate your support now and always.


Yellow Scene Magazine is celebrating 20 years in 2020.


Real Journalism Matters. Being factually correct matters even more.  The clear, honest, free flow of facts and ideas is critical to an informed society — no matter the era. Today, too much of media is not local, but corporate. In fact, 85% of media today are owned by 5 major corporations. In the 1970’s it was hundreds of Independent owners. YS magazine is one of those that remain as a truly Independent, Local source. 


Too much of media is trying to sell you something rather than tell you something. Not once have we sold our editorial content in exchange for advertising in that time. Not a single pay-to-play article, advertorial or any other favors.


We value our advertisers wholly and work hard to provide a way to reach the community through real journalism, exceptional design and marketing, and strategic delivery.  A virtual wall exists between editorial and advertising at YS because we know honest content matters in creating readers. Readers are the most important component of a successful publication.


This is why we remain Independent. We do not want Investors to dictate content. We are instead focused on what is truthful, what is relevant and what engages the community the most.


When you become a YS member – at any amount – you support a critical local media source dedicated to bringing you the local journalism you have come to count on for the last 20 years. One of the few in Colorado not owned by corporations and investment boards.


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