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yellow scene  magazine cover for February 2023
Best of the West Issue

Best of the West 2023: Readers Choice

EC = East County | B = Boulder Restaurants Overall EC - 24 Carrot: The title for Best Overall Restaurant has been a battle for the last few years between two great Erie Restaurants: 24 Carrot and Piripi. This year 24 Carrot takes the crown and Piripi comes in runner-up. Twenty years ago, who knew Erie would be the...


Best of the West 2023: Readers Choice

When we say Readers' Choice, we mean readers choose. We left the ballot up to the readers through the weeks-long voting period, and we have the results!

The World: Ukraine

One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine we take a look at local relief efforts, mental struggles, and the impacts here at home from the war abroad.

Learning to Love Again While Living with Trauma

Finding love after trauma can be a daunting task, especially on the heels of the collective disruption of the Covid pandemic.


Scene Stealers | February 2023

From Denver to the Dairy, there is no shortage of exciting shows and events that may interest you or somebody you know.

French’s 5 | February 2023

This month: Five fantastic Colorado-distilled whiskeys to add to your collection.

Spotlight on Matt Skellenger

In a city filled with bass players, what Matt Skellenger does is wholly unique – from his weekly solo bass performances at Breakfast on Broadway in Englewood, to the envelope-pushing, mathematically insane compositions he crafts. You need look no further than his upcoming release, Subspace Transmission, where he’s sprinkled in tunes in meters like 19 and 23, just because he can — and he can do it well. Here, Matt talks about his deep love of former educator Ron Miles, what it’s like to be an educator himself, and why this album is one you should definitely get ASAP…

“Pireki Avot” – the “Wisdom of our Fathers” | Duly Noted

“I can’t immerse myself the same way you do. I respect what you do so much. But I can’t do what you do.”


Off Menu with Chef Fausto Felix of The Dugout

Exploring authentic Mexican dishes in Erie, Colorado with chef Fausto Felix of the Dugout.

Off Menu with Chef Lorenzo Villalobos

Villalobos was Lefty’s right hand man; he now runs the spot in his honor.

This is the Year to Join a Community Garden | Foodie

Gain a hands-on connection to the food you eat by joining a community garden.

It’s February and it’s Stout Month | In The Cups

The second month of the year is still darker and colder than we’d like. But there’s a bright spot. February is Stout Month.


Lafayette: Out of the Coal Dust

Exploring the people’s history of Lafayette beyond the typical textbook story we’ve all been told.

Month in Review

Month in Review | February 2023

Recapping some of the main events north of the 104th, Boulder County, and the surrounding area all within the past month.

Letter to the Editor

Hypocrisy and the “Horrors of Socialism” | Letter to the Editor

On Groundhog Day, every Republican US Representative (and most Democrats) voted in unison to proclaim: "We Are All Individuals!" They marched in lockstep to publicly denounce the "Horrors of Socialism," failing to see the shadow that slavery cast over their hypocrisy. While there is an element of truth behind House Concurrent Resolution 9, the resolution itself was absurd for several reasons.