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Colorado Brides to Colorado Babies

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As Colorado grows (and grows) the number of people moving here to start their lives has increased as well. So much so that in 2016 Colorado weddings doubled in numbers.

There is now an average of 66,000 new babies born each year in Colorado as well.

Colorado has come a long way since 1990 and this growth shows up in these numbers. But a wedding and a birth are more than a statistic. They are complex, serious, joyous, even scary, adventures in life!

Making a decision about what wedding is right for you, what way to raise your child need complex, serious, joyous and smart answers. That is when the award-winning editors decided to do more to cover these important stages of life, a way to connect with Colorado through relevant, researched stories and information to make Life’s Next Great Adventure a Colorado Adventure.

The backstory of CBCB started when one of our, award-winning, editors was pregnant and the other engaged. Both were renowned editors who had lopped up over 2 dozens awards each for Yellow Scene Magazine. Frustrated that they could find nothing more than directory books and canned content publications, they set about to make their own. To fill a much needed void. Thus the creation of Colorado Brides to Colorado Babies came into being in 2011.

We are proud to be the only publication in the Front Range taking on local stories that matter. It’s not just the quality of the magazine that will make your cash register smile, but the fact that we have invested in serious distribution. Most wedding or family magazines print 25,000 or less, CBCB is Colorado’s largest with a circulation of 55,000. We take the time to restock it until we produce the next one, so you get well over 6 months shelf life. (However, they do get picked up fast!)

Additionally, because we have 18 years behind us with producing award-winning content, agency-quality design (a good ad will produce 7x the impact for your business) and strategic distribution, we are able to make Colorado Brides to Colorado Babies the most cost-effective resource for reaching individuals taking off on their Next Great Adventure.

For approx. $200 a month, you could have a half page in both 6 month issues of CBCB. We are also putting together several Coop pages for Mountain and other Colorado destination wedding spots as well as Honeymoon Staycations and family getaways, so this is perfect for Mountain weddings, adventure honeymoons, and adventure family trips.

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