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August’s Letters to the Editor


A Little Credit to the WiFi Provider
Dear Editor,

We are so glad you enjoyed using the WiFi Hotspot at Fusion (“Safe Fusion,” July). We provide that at no charge to the restaurant as our headquarters are located across the street and we too enjoy eating there while we work. We provide high-speed wireless Internet to a large portion of you’re circulation area so please check us out at and get connected.
—Melinda Jordan, Longmont

Why It’s Good to Have a Subscriber Card
Dear Editor,

Thank you for the three tickets to the Irish Fest. We went on Sunday, my husband, myself and our daughter. We especially enjoyed the bagpipes. It was hot but a great fair. Thanks again.
—Barbra Kay, Keith & Sarah Puckett, Longmont & Thornton

Editor’s Note: The Pucketts have a Yellow Scene Subscriber Card and were one of many winners of our exclusive giveaway last month. If you haven’t noticed, this is a shameless plug for our free Subscriber Card. Get one at Yellow Scene Magazine online and start winning really cool stuff.

Maybe We Should Taser the Police Department
Hmmm, Lafayette Police Policy: Use a Taser when active aggression is involved, (since when is running away aggressive behavior?). Police policy: Deliver only the five-second burst of high voltage electricity only as last resort (what are the other methods to be used first?). Lafayette Police Officer John Harris violated both these policies and yet he is exonerated on all counts? This is the result of allowing the police to investigate themselves. After a 10-plus month investigation (I think the 911 commission did not take this long) they were probably hoping to sweep this one under the rug. Couple this with blacking out pertinent information before the public is allowed to see it (so much for open government) just solidifies this deception. This ruling further erodes the credibility of the law enforcement department. We all make mistakes, but a bogus ruling of this sort instead of a heart felt apology for this tragic blunder in the death of Ryan Wilson is a travesty. Such an admission would of course require honesty, which is not a police policy. In fact, it seems the officers are taught in academy that it is OK to lie to achieve their goals. I am calling on the mayor and representatives to require accountability. Lafayette Police Chief Paul Shultz needs to resign.
—Randy Luallin, Louisville

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