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Check Out Old Town Louisville


Old Town isn’t so old anymore. Sure, The Blue Parrot is still a mainstay, but it seems every few feet a new business has sprouted up since summer.

1. Vie Vie Luxe
A fashion boutique on Main Street was long overdue. Luckily this store opened last month featuring luxurious women’s clothing (cashmere sweaters, beautiful semi-precious stone belt buckles) and a few unusually fun items (gift box cards and trendy tampon holders). 909 Main St. 303.968.4317

2. Café de Paris
You can get all the normal goodies at this sidewalk café that opened in August, but that wouldn’t be any fun. Take advantage of the Moroccan offerings such as traditional teas, jasmine milk and pancakes served with honey butter. 908 Main St. 303.665.9716.

3. The Bronze Elk
With décor fit for your Aspen estate, this newish store seems a little out of place in Louisville. But the tree-trunk style furniture and incredibly cute dog, cat and frog sculptures are worth a stop.
901 Front St. Suite 110. 303.604.6509

4. Waterloo Icehouse
The Druid’s Arms is gone, and the space has received a significant facelift as new owners have transformed it into an upscale watering hole serving organic food by day, cool spirits by night, and featuring live music three nights a week. There’s also a 110-inch projection TV for big games. 809 Main St. 303.993.2094

5. Old Louisville Inn
With new replacing old at every turn, the Inn is a historic glimpse back 102 years. Its antique, woody bar conjures images of the Old West, and an immense menu offers plenty of tasty options.
740 Front St. 303.6669982

6. A Grande Finale Patisserie
Come to this eight-year-old bakery everyday for a chocolate raspberry mouse. But take advantage of the holidays and bring home a pumpkin pecan pie for Thanksgiving or any other gathering.
641 Main St. 303.926.4084

Also: Eat the not-so-politically correct Wopburger at The Blue Parrot (303.666.0677), age well at Auriege Day Spa (303.926.4336), get a classic chop at Thunderbird Barbers (303.665.2176), grab a Gibson at Wildwood Guitars (303.665.7733), and find sandwiches, beads and more in Main Street Marketplace.

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    Cafe de Paris is such a unique coffee shop. They have a Mediterranean feel, which is very welcoming and warm. The owners are so friendly. As I sat doing work on their free wi-fi, customers came and went and the owners not only knew 90% of their names, they also know their drinks or food orders. Their food menu is fun and interesting. The food itself is so good and made fresh to order. Not the best place to go if your in a big hurry, but as they say, good things come to those who wait. And the coffee, I can’t say enough good things about the coffee. The drip coffee is made FRESH!!! By the cup. A coffee lovers dream!!! The large mugs are big enough to crawl into. I highly recommend Cafe de Paris to anyone looking for good food, good coffee and a great, relaxing atmosphere.

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