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Dacono Races


Big Issues In The Small Town
Dacono may be an afterthought in North Metro campaigns, but with the tiny burg fighting a school district for a school to be built and plenty more homebuilding eventually on its way, there are myriad important decisions to be made in the coming years.

City Council Seats (pick two)
Sandra Tucker and Kevin Plain over Bryan Herrera, Stephen Ditlow* and Patrick Flannery (withdrew)

Long the proponent of the poorer sections of Dacono, incumbent Sandra Tucker deservers another run to continue the progress she’s made in improving the city’s mobile home parks. She’s spent her first term making mobile home owners responsible for keeping their properties in good shape for those who rent them. She’s also extremely unhappy with St. Vrain schools and supported the city’s decision to walk away (at least temporarily) from the district to get a Dacono school built. As far as future growth, Tucker plans to help bring a sit-down restaurant to The Glens so residents have a non-fast food option and would like to see the city take more advantage of I-25 development bolstering city coffers with sales tax revenue.

Kevin Plain is a relatively recent transplant to Dacono, but the father of two has picked up pretty quickly on the city’s most pressing need—a school to call its own. While not sure that the decision to turn their back on St. Vrain School District is the right one, Plain realizes something drastic could be needed to get a school built by 2009, a time frame he says is of utmost importance. He also wants to work to draw more essential services into Dacono, such as a gas station and grocery store. What he falls short on in specifics, he makes up for in passion.

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