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It’s Good to Give


Before you flip to the Gift Guide in a few pages to start drooling over all the cool gadgets, hip clothes and other luxurious items that will make the best presents this year, think about the giving part of the holidays.

And not the type of giving that will enamor your loved ones. Stop for a moment to consider the countless others in need in the North Metro area and beyond. There are myriad organizations geared toward helping the homeless, relieving hungry, giving shelter to the battered, saving the environment and rehabilitating wild life. Regardless if you are a regular in the charity circuit or not, read up on a few programs you many not be familiar with in our annual Giving Guide.

So when you’re circling that pearl necklace that will wind up in your honey’s stocking or the flat screen TV for his wall, think first about which of the 45 North Metro non profits we feature you should give to this holiday season. Someone you don’t know will greatly appreciate it.

Conscious Harmony

Green Giving

Giving Guide

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