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The Modern, Upscale Twist On a Diner


Longmont’s posh Prospect neighborhood needed a traditional greasy spoon diner like it needs more expensive housing. So it’s probably a good thing that when Paul Roberts opened Two Dog Diner in June, he put a modern spin on the old concept.
There’s macaroni and cheese on the menu, but it’s made with Gouda, black forest ham and truffle oil. He offers biscuits, but only encrusted on a fresh piece of salmon. His chicken potpie is served in a herb pastry crust. Everything is made from scratch.

Roberts pulls on his years of experience opening cafes in the Bay Area to make this concept work. He loves it, though he’s getting a little tired of the 90-hour workweeks. It’s a good thing he took two years off to bike and enjoy Colorado’s recreational opportunities before opening.

He’s lucky he gets to see his family often, too: His wife, Pam, works down the street in her House Gifts & Décor shop; daughter, Gena, just started working at Two Dogs; and son, Cole, shares Paul’s love for mountain biking.

Cuisine Scene: Why mess with a good thing, the regular diner?
Paul Roberts: We didn’t plan on doing a diner. When my wife came up with the name, I said ‘Uh-oh, we’re coming up with a concept.’

CS: How does this concept fit in with trendy
PR: It fits like a glove. They love it. I live in Prospect. It’s the kind of place they can come and sit and have waffles…or a business lunch.

CS: How do you handle the 90-hour workweeks?
PR: If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. I love food. I like the public—it’s another reason I have the counter and kitchen open (and facing the restaurant).

CS: What do you cook at home?
PR: Just keeping it simple. My wife is a vegetarian/vegan; it’s a challenge. We eat a lot of fish and pasta and quick stuff. To be honest, when I’m not here, sometimes I don’t feel like cooking.

CS: Understandable. What else to you do when you’re not here?
PR: I love to mountain bike. It’s one of the reasons we moved here. Go for a quick ride, and spend time with the kids.

For more on Two Dog Diner,
645 Tenacity Drive, call 303.772.2364.

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