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We’re Bribing You To Interact With Us


It took us the better part of eight months to put this new website together—this technology stuff is still a little new to us—but we really think you’re gonna love it. Beyond a new look and easy interface, we’ll be adding expanded searches for restaurants, shops and local businesses in the coming weeks.

Oh, we also have this cool blog that the editorial team will be updating regularly. We want you to interact with us as much as possible. Post a comment to a blog or a story, this one included—the author of our favorite comment each month gets a really cool prize. For example, the writer who pens February’s most witty words will get a $50 to Zamparelli’s Italian Bistro in Lafayette. So, get to it.


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    We have a “lunch bunch” of ladies, mostly from Boulder. Where in Boulder can they pick up a copy of the Feb. issue of Yellow Scene to readd the reviews of the eateries?

    We have tried many of the ones you have reviewed in the past and are always looking for new ones to try.

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    When will you publish the summer camp guide? How can I find last year’s on this site? I hope you get the gremlins worked out soon – at this point I think your old site was so much better!

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    Once the kinks are worked out, everything will be light years ahead of our old site. We promise.
    The camp issue will be out March 4 with stories and listings appearing online at the same time. Our archives are likely a month away from being posted.
    Thanks for reading. And be patient, we’ll have the lion’s share of gremlins worked out within a week.
    Jacob Harkins
    Yellow Scene Magazine editor

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    I’d like a try at Guessing the Animals in the “ABC’s of Pets” article in the Fall issue;

    A Ardvark
    B looks like a Monarch Butterfly
    C Chicken
    D Mallard Duck
    E Elephant
    F Ferret
    G Goat
    H Horse
    I Iguanan
    J Jellyfish
    K Kanagroo
    L Lion
    M Moose
    N Newt
    O Owl
    P Pig
    Q Queen Bee
    R Reptile or Crocodile
    S Snake (of the rattleing kind)
    T Rainbow Trout
    U PorcUpine?
    V Vulture
    W is for “Winner” or Whale
    X EXocoetidae or “Flying Fish”
    Y Yak
    Z Zebra

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