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Pink-faced in Boulder


C’mon Boulder. We know you are the most P.C. city in the nation but you are going a little too far in one of your most recent cases of protecting animals. Joy Douglas, a local salon owner, dyed her poodle pink—making Cici a breast-awareness dog.

It’s now one of the hottest stories appearing in the Boulder Daily Camera.

For nearly three years, you could walk into Zing Salon on Spruce and check out the miniature, who by most accounts is a pretty happy pup. The Humane Society of Boulder, citing code that probits the dyeing of fowl and rabbits specifically and other animals generally, has ticketed Joy, with a fine of $1,000 possible.

She plans on fighting it.

Last time we checked, dyeing a dog (by the hands of a professional no less) isn’t exactly cruel—she uses beet juice by the way. It’s a lot more comfortable then say, squezing a tit knit sweater onto a German Shepard in summer (we’ve never, ever tried that for a photo shoot, we swear).

Humane society officials will tell you the intent of the law was designed to stop Boulder’s rabbits from being dipped in dye around Easter. Cici has nothing to do with Easter.

This makes Boulder look awful, especially considering Cici has now been marketed as a breast awareness dog. Seriously, aren’t there more important issues to deal with in Boulder?

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