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Best Health and Body



Body Treatment
• CRITICS: St. Julien Hotel Spa, Boulder
With more than 10,000 square feet of spa space appointed inside Boulder’s toniest hotel, you can find any treatment imaginable. The body adventures are a must. Try a St. Julien Scrub that uses an organic sugar aromatherapy with a soothing vichy shower, or a two-hour “Love, Olive Me!” wrap. First there’s an olive oil scrub, then an olive oil wrap and olive oil body massage—it’s life at its finest.
READERS: Sunflower Spa, Longmont

Day Spa
• CRITICS: Lakeshore Athletic Club, Broomfield
This spa has gotten one of our Critics out of a huge bind—what to do with mom and girlfriend while the guys attend a big CU Buffs football game. While this is normally a proposition loaded with guilt potential, you can turn the tables by sending them to Lakeshore for a day. The spa is luxurious and the treatments are of the same caliber. You’ll have your loved ones feeling guilty that you “had” to attend a game while they were being pampered.
• READERS: Sunflower Spa, Longmont

• CRITICS AND READERS: Sunflower Spa, Longmont
The Ultimate Facial—a combo of Sunflower’s facial and microdermabrasion treatment—have had the ladies who know our Critics best beaming for days. There’s enough lauding going around that a few of the men who witness the afterglow have considered a facial for themselves. They just won’t admit it.

Hair Styling
• CRITICS: Inspire Salon & Spa, Longmont
When Inspire Salon opened on Main Street Longmont, we knew a chic, urban salon had arrived. But it wasn’t just the ultra cool atmosphere that made it great, it was the renowned reputation of the stylists inside. Having moved into our region from Boulder and beyond, Nicole Smathers brought with her great products and super sleek styles. It’s one of the premier places to get pampered, but make your appointment early—they have a clientele from all over the Front Range fighting for appointments.
• READERS: Salon Picasso, Lafayette

High-Tech Beauty Treatment
• CRITICS AND READERS: Aesthetic Solutions, Lafayette
With hundreds of products on the market offering more youthful looking skin, it can be difficult to know where to turn when trying to turn back the clock. When it comes to the best in cutting edge technology, Aesthetic Solutions has been on the forefront of this technology in Colorado. Offering the CO2 laser (one of three in the state), Active FX and Bridge Therapy, your skin will see the difference. Coupled with a straightforward approach to beauty, Aesthetic Solutions is led by Dr Steve Zakany whose credentials are as leading as the technology.

• CRITICS: Evergreen Cottage, Lafayette
Evergreen’s small-town service and plushy atmosphere make for an exquisite visit regardless of the treatment. We happen to like the Evergreen manicures the best—the pampering involved makes for such a relaxing experience that we sometimes find it difficult to leave. That is until you realize it’s time to show off your nails.
• READERS: Sunflower Spa, Longmont

• CRITICS: Releaf Therapy, Louisville
Balancing physical and massage therapy backgrounds, Michelle Pearl can offer what few others in the area can: Treatments that do much more than just relax. If your shoulder’s a little weak, she can spot that and work some PT time into your normal massage. Or if you are having knee troubles, she’ll put you on a program—after a soothing massage.
• READERS: Baseline Chiropractic, Lafayette

• CRITICS: Sunflower Spa, Longmont
It’s the attention to detail that sets Sunflower from its competitors. Well, that and a relaxing environment. So when it comes time to treat the most abused part of the body—those two things that take you everywhere—we trust that Sunflower will have our feet feeling as if they had been walking on pillows.
• READERS: 95th St. Salon, Lafayette

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