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There Are No Good Rules of Fight Club


Rule No. 1 about fight club: You don’t talk about fight club. Rule No. 2 about fight club: You don’t talk about fight club. Looks like more than a few boulder area high school students missed that part of the acclaimed Brad Pitt flick Fight Club.
For the second time in a month, Boulder police are looking into alleged fight clubs, this time at New Vista High School. Cops broke up a fight with more than 15 teens gathered in a Fight Club-esque event recently at an area elementary school.

This follows police tracking down a video of a dozen or so Fairview High students participating in a similar activity last month. It’s thought that videos of both events were headed to an online portal such as YouTube. Both schools have of course spoken out against these fights. But area parents need to let their kids know that this is hardly an acceptable practice.

It may seem glamorous and tough in the movies, but broken noses are real, as are aggravated assault charges, and expulsions.

There’s no such thing as a consensual fight. When people scrape, the results are predictable: You either break your nose, wind up in jail, or both.

And it seems just a matter of time before a simple fight circle escalates into something more extreme. We’re happy the police have been so quick to act—hopefully it will curb future teens from thinking this is a good idea.

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