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This Weekend’s Pick: Your Classic Man-Eating Plant Tale


Let’s face it, sometimes dinner and a movie aren’t enough for a date night. Spice it up a little this weekend with dinner, theater and a man-eating plant.

Little Shop of Horrors is in mid-run at the Boulder Dinner Theatre. Eat up and enjoy a classic.

If you somehow have never seen this classic tale, here’s a little Little Shop 101: Seymour is a floral assistant at a flower shop on skid row that has seen better days. He buys a plant, naming it “Audrey II” after the woman he longs for. The Venus-fly trap looking plant keeps growing and growing, turning the shop into the talk of the town. The problem is, Audrey II requires blood to live, and the larger it gets the more it needs.

It turns into an irritable bloodthirsty plant. Eventually Seymour must decide between human life and the plant that has brought so much prosperity. Starring Brandon Dill as Seymour and Joanie Brosseau-Beyette as Audrey, catch this great family musical before it leaves town.

Little Shop of Horrors, through May 3 at Boulder Dinner Theatre, 5501 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder. For reservations, call 303.449.6000.

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