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Mt. Bierstadt


If a 14er can be considered easy, Bierstadt is it. The trail very rarely leaves a Class 1 distinction, meaning the only rock scrambling is saved for the tippy top. It’s still a huge workout getting up it, and the views from the mountain are stunning. You can see Mount Evans (and all those wusses who drove up to the top of it), and Greys and Torreys—three other 14,000 footers that are gems of the metro area.

Let’s face it, about the only experience you have with Georgetown is the gas station just off I-70. That’s too bad. It’s a really sweet town that is just a short drive away. Hitch a ride on the Georgetown Historic Loop and check out the Hotel de Paris Museum or any of the plentiful shops that dot the town’s center. You won’t get bored during a quick weekend getaway.

[The Food]
If prime buffalo steaks, ribs and endless wild game options sound like a great post-hike prize, swing into Georgetown’s swankiest restaurant, Raven Hill Mining Co. (303.569.2209). It seats barely more than a handful, but the food is divine.

[The Drinks]
Dust yourself off, and then start acting like a civilized member of society. Stop into the Canyon Wind Cellars (303.569.3152) tasting room to sip on a pinot grigio or a tempranillo made from grapes grown just on the other side of the divide.

[The Lodging]
We’re guessing you headed up with friends. The Historic St. James rental (303-569-3100), above the Georgetown Mercantile, is a 1,600-square-foot unit with three bedrooms that sleeps up to 10 of your adventurous pals. It sits above a quaint gift store that includes a large selection of miniatures, just in case you’re looking for an extremely unique gift for someone.

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