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Let’s Take a break this Month and Share Some Awesome Flotsom and Netsam!


Finding random stuff on the web takes up at least 30 hours a week. It’s tough work finding such obscure stuff for my beloved readers. I wonder if my boss will start to notice my dip in productivity. It’s well worth it…

I mentioned this one a long time ago, but it’s worth a reminder: Pandora.com. This website uses an amazing algorithm (dubbed the Music Genome Project) to categorize music and stream it as a new radio station just for the listener. You like the White Stripes? Plug the band’s name into Pandora and soon you’re listening to the Raconteurs. Gold Digga by Kanye kicks back Bonnie and Clyde by Jay Z. Plus, now you can create a mix of styles for different stations to keep things interesting. It just keeps getting better. I could spend all day on Pandora.com. Seriously.

Samuel L. Jackson
No one has a better collection of quips with such remarkable elocution that the first time they’re heard they instantly become a part of the American Lexicon. If you want a truly badass line delivered in a truly badass way, accept no substitutes. Don’t believe me? Check ’em out for yourself. Albinoblacksheep.com/flash/sam (Note: not all of it is exactly family friendly.)

Sure Google.com is the world’s greatest search engine, but have you really discovered all there is to its awesomeness? How about its elegant, free open source office applications (Gmail, spreadsheet, word processor)? “Feh,” you say, “I already knew all about that.” What about labs.google.com? It’s a repository of ideas in various stages of development and production, ranging from Google trends (which provides fascinating detail data about search trends) to Google Mars (awesomely detailed maps of the fourth planet. Strangely, not a single Starbucks to be found).

You’ve probably spent 20 minutes reading this issue of Yellow Scene Magazine (at the very least, and you’re planning on another 20 after this, right? RIGHT?!), and suddenly you’re very aware that you’ve
got a bunch of other stuff to get done. Aren’t you tired of wishing you had more time in the day? (Side note: a recent Yahoo headline touted that basic middle-class people are now somehow cramming 31 hours of tasks into a 24-hour day. Seriously.) Well, lifehacker.com has a collection of tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done, ranging from curing poison ivy with vodka to how to efficiently water your lawn to converting any text to an iTunes-compatible audio book. Check it out.

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