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This Weekend’s Pick: The World’s Funniest Comic


Leif Skyving has a whole lot to live up to. He is the self-proclaimed “world’s funniest man.” The question begs, does he have the wit and sharp sense of humor that he could make even the smallest crowd bring buildings to the ground from laughter? That’s the expectation one sets when say he or she is the best on the planet.

We think he is one of the most talented comedians to hop the pond (he was born in Stockholm, Sweden), and we love the intimate setting of Wits End Comedy Club where he will be throughout the weekend.

Performing in all different kinds of venues, from large comedy clubs, such as the Comedy Store in L.A., to colleges across the country, Skyving’s acts appeal to all ages and humor. His calling card is his alter egos such as Reverend Feelgood and Curt Sudden.

We’ll let you be the judge of whether he lives up to his lofty proclamation.

Leif Skyving, June 18-June 22 at Wits End Comedy Club, Westminster.

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