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Building Blocks, Louisville


The Calise outdoor kitchen line is new to Colorado, meaning there aren’t finished examples nearby. Still, we were really impressed by the concept. It’s simple: Build your outdoor kitchen block by block. Want an island with a grill and side burner? No problem. The interchangeable modulars will be on your deck, ready to use in about two weeks. Think a fire pit, grill, beer keg system and cabinets are more your style? It’ll be done in two weeks, too. With more than 70 stainless steel options and 90 choices for cabinets, you can build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams and have it assembled in time for your party later this month.

• Bar stool-height fire table
• Side burner with paper towel holder
• Built-in blender system
• Storage draws with cutting boards
• Outdoor icemaker
• Beer keg system
• Stainless steel tiki torches
• Cost: $12,000-$15,000 (average)

Available at Hi-Tech Appliance, 303.665.0951

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