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Sustainable Style, Broomfield


Feel good knowing your backyard bliss is in sync with Mother Nature. Virtually every feature built into this two-patio setup was made with an eye toward sustainability. That’s pretty cool, but the bottom line is this outdoor space is as elegant in its simplicity as it is green. With more than 400 square feet of entertaining space, a shaded pergola that cools during a blazing afternoon and beautiful xeric (drought resistant) gardens that dazzle the eyes, you’ll be outside seven days a week.

• Hybrid Texas/Kentucky Bluegrass (drought and frost resistant)
• Separate drip lines for xeric
and regular plants
• Rain sensors to curb water use
during storms
• Local red stone from Lyons
• Dry creek bed that filters pollutants
• Cost: $25,000

Design By Urban Oasis Designs, 303.823.2389

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