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Country Club Village Curse


Being enamored with a strip mall occurs as often as it has rained in Colorado this July. So readers should have taken note when we lauded Country Club Village a few months back. The Westminster shopping center at 120th and Federal had a cool, unique look that attracted numerous interesting businesses.

That has not led to success, however. Pier 49 Pizza closed up shop shortly after opening—no big deal since it wasn’t that good anyway. Another restaurant closed shortly after opening a year back (can’t even remember its name). But, gasp, Nine 75 North, a trendy, small plates eatery featuring upscale comfort food that we loved in print (more than once, actually, three times), closed a few weeks ago. The offshoot of the popular downtown Denver restaurant was supposed to prove Westminster was ready for chic styles and great food.

Instead it proved only that great food doesn’t equate to great foot traffic.

Let’s hope another of our favorites, Village Bistro, the anchor restaurant right next door, can avoid the same fate. Westminster doesn’t have enough good dining options, losing two of its best will hurt.

—Jacob Harkins, Yellow Scene Magazine editor

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    Unfortunately the property owners are stuck between a rock and a hard place. When they purchased the property not too long ago the property taxes were reaccessed and all the tenants had to pay much more on their NNN. We (Double D’s Sourdough Pizza) have tried to negotiate a lease for the old Pier 49 site two different times now 6 months apart and failed to come to an equally beneficial lease. We reallllly wanted that beautiful site. Hopefully the owners will realize that they can’t get the rates they want/need make some changes and get some new tenants in there before it goes into foreclosure. Soon we will be moving all the equipment we purchased out of the old Pier 49 and putting it into our new location in Aurora where the demographics are just as good and the lease rates are realistic!
    If you want to try really good Gourmet Sourdough Pizza check us out http://www.DoubleDsPizza.com. We offer Free Delivery to the Louisville, Broomfield, Lafayette, Superior area!

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