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Take Out the Trash


Apparently some people care about who is picking up their garbage. Superior officials picked Waste Connections to start collecting trash throughout the city, ending the need for residents (outside of Rock Creek, which already uses Waste Connections) to pay private contractors. The theory is that streamlining the process will lead to more recycling and a lower cost to residents. The residents, or at least a few dozen who think the decision is pure rubbish, are not so sure. They are wondering why Rock Creek residents pay the same $7.95 monthly fee, yet get an extra 96-gallon bin, bigger recycling receptacle, and free disposal of items such as branches, grass clippings and other yard waste. Perhaps the city could have negotiated a better deal. But if you cannot fit all your garbage for the week in one 96-gallon bin, there are other issues that need addressing.

[What’s Next] Once the garbage gets picked up successfully for a few weeks, residents will go back to not thinking about trash.

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