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Trains Shouldn’t Head in Reverse


The Independence Institute is a great source when you need someone to argue against a tax increase. If it’s a tax, the Golden-based think tank loathes it. Needless to say, when voters approved the 2004 legislation that upped taxes to fund the massive FasTracks mass transit train project, the Institute opposed it. Private money always works better, they said. Now that the project is struggling with budget issues, the group is comparing it to Boston’s Big Dig—and may even push a ballot item in 2009 to overturn the tax. Seriously!?! When voters OK’d the project’s 119 miles of track, it seemed we finally grasped how important mass transit in a city truly is. Think $4 a gallon gas has changed that perception?

[What’s Next] Let’s hope Caldara is blowing smoke, because if by chance he gets his wish and voters repeal the tax, it will be that much longer until commuters can free themselves of traffic.

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