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Corgies and Bassett Hounds Mixed Together Make Corbasses


These guys are very social and great for families with kids, and make the cutest puppies this side of an annual puppy calendar. They are generally sturdy and playful, although they need a lot of exercise to keep them fit. Colors include black and sable and sometimes a predominantly black or sable tri-color mix, and they’ll grow to the 40-pound range.

Do It Right Tip 4
Look for a Guarantee: A breeder should want to take a pet back no matter how long the animal has been away—three months or 10 years—and for whatever reason. Depending on circumstances, money may not be returned, but a responsible breeder will always prefer having dog or cat he or she brought into this world come back than wind up in a shelter.

This is a Corbass from Double D Puppies

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