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The Bond is Set


It looks like the St. Vrain Valley School District is as worried about the economy as it is the education it offers. Saddled with budget shortfalls, the district has been expected to ask voters for a boatload of much-needed financial help in the form of property tax increases. They are still going forward as planned, except the bond issue will be $189 million—roughly $20 million less than a bare-bones recommendation from a public task force. The fear has been that a sluggish economy would hurt a bigger bond proposal’s chances. The smaller amount ensures that only one elementary and one high school will be constructed, despite community leaders pushing for a second elementary option. The board will also ask voters to OK a $16.5 million mill levy override to pay for teachers and programs, $2 million more than the task force asked for.

[What’s Next] While this figure may disappoint some who wanted more money for schools, this shouldn’t be reason to question voting in favor of it.

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