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Used Car Salesman


Clueless—Trust the Vintage Shop
Stumped? Have no worry. Just walk into the nearest vintage shop with an open mind. It turns out the shop owners know their stock inside (sizes and styles) and out and are generally really creative. This is where acting helps out immensely. A used car salesman is nothing new. But take it to a level beyond the hideous plaid by turning up the cheese thicker than molasses. We were lucky enough to borrow that sweet ride from Gunbarrel Imports in Niwot—if your friends don’t own a car dealership, try bringing some props like balloons or for sale signs.

Get it Done: Buddy Holly glasses ($8), blazer ($15), shirt ($15) and tie ($3) from Rockin Robin’s in Niwot.

Special thanks to Gunbarrel Imports for letting us borrow that sweet Mercedes convertible.

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