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Voting Was Too Easy


I wanted a line snaking around the block, backing up for an hour, two or three. Then, my neighbors and I could have bemoaned the process. Complained about lack of preparation. Discussed that how, when we wake up tomorrow, there will be a different outlook on America.

But no, the election officials in my neighborhood were on point. It took less than 15 minutes for me to sign in, vote for my candidates and issues, and get back to my car to drive home.

So much for missing a few hours of work today.

Now I am sure as the day progresses, the lines will get worse, fingers will start getting pointed and folks will become down right unruly. This morning was serene, however.

And I enjoyed the voting process, as I do every year.

I just wish the elections officials had given me my “I Voted” sticker so I could get some free Starbucks.

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