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Santa Came!


It’s safe to say, the kids will be preoccupied unwrapping all the gifts come the big day. It’ll give Dad some quiet time to sneak in the big gift of the holidays—some posh jewelry, perhaps. Then Mom will be a little preoccupied, too. Happy Holidays!

Clothing Gift Ideas:
(Click here for dozens of other gift ideas from this picture.)
• Haflinger Grizzly Clogs ($95) for her, Ciabatta Moccasins ($50) for him and Old Friends Booties ($35) for the boy available at Brown’s Shoe Fit Co., 373 Main St., Longmont, 303.776.2920.
• Xob Bomber Hat ($26 kids, $32 adults) available at Dohm-Icebox, Longmont, 303.443.3287.
• Pink Cozy and Espresso Chic Barefoot Dream Robes ($106 ea.) available at Elizabeth’s Embellishments, 611 South Public Road, Lafayette, 303.926.7133.
• Side Stripe Fleece Jogging Pants ($29) and Applique Flock Print Tee ($27) for the boy available at Pumpkin Patch Kids Clothing, 1 Flatiron Circle, Broomfield, 303.465.1545.
• Scanty Cotton and Cashmere Peace Pajama Set ($189) for her available at Weekends, 1200 Pearl St., Boulder, 303.444.4231.

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