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Restaurant Rumblings


Erie’s Food Court
Kevin Cali was a man with a mission; opening up two Old Town Erie restaurants in the last year-plus with plans to start two more in town. He seemed headed toward Erie restaurant kingpin status. Now we aren’t sure what direction he’s headed. And if he has an idea, he isn’t sharing. Cali recently moved the Uptown Erie Café down the street, merging it with El Paso Cantina, his Mexican eatery that just opened. Now you can swing into the Cantina for a full breakfast menu—both with his Mexican and American offerings. Ditto for lunch and dinner service. Meanwhile rumors are swirling that he may pop a pizza joint into the spot that recently housed the Café. Or he could still be interested in starting a steak and seafood house just down the street in Erie Commons. Or…we’ll just stop speculating and fill you in as concrete news arises. For information on the Cantina, 605 Briggs St., Erie, call 303.828.2449.

Expanding the Menu

The restaurant shuffle isn’t the only culinary news to come out of Old Town Erie. The Colorado Coal Company has expanded its menu recently, adding a hint of Mexi-flavor to its decidedly American bar and grill menu. Alongside of its burgers and steaks, diners can now order fajitas and quesadillas. Using a recipe that owner Chad Phillips says he made famous during his days running a restaurant in the mountains, the fajitas have become a crowd favorite. Try them on a Monday and get the sizzling plate for less than $10. Or you can opt to enjoy the best burger in town. For information on the Colorado Coal Co., 578 Briggs St., Erie, call 303.828.4005

Taste Master Trifecta

You are already a whiz when it comes to discussing particular notes about a vintage Cabernet. Plus, you can pick the hops right out of an India Pale Ale. Now it’s time to complete the beverage education trifecta. The Cup Espresso Café offers a monthly coffee tasting on the last Saturday of the month. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn more about the java you consume every day. The best part is the tastings and lessons are free. Try finding something else as affordable in Boulder. For info on the tastings, which begin promptly at 9 a.m, call The Cup, 1521 Pearl St., Boulder, at 303.449.5173.

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