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So, Who Won?


A jury says Boulder County Commissioners imposed a substantial burden on religious exercises by denying a proposal to double the size of 128,000-square-foot Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot. The jury also says the commissioners did not discriminate against the church on the basis of religion. Confused? Us too. A two-year battle between the church and the county reached a climax last month with the jury ruling in favor…of both sides. The church has charged it was treated unfairly in the approval process on the basis of religion. Commissioners stand by their claim that the project was out of character with the surrounding rural area. The court’s decision seems to leave the fight in greater limbo than ever.

What’s Next: The church has asked the Feds to step in and approve their expansion based on the jury’s ruling; it still seems like a stretch to say denying the project infringes on the ability to worship.

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