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You Are What You Eat


There’s an old adage that is possibly the most important to think of when you are trying to reinvent yourself. You’ve heard it before: You are what you eat. In considering overall health, a fitness program is nothing without a good diet behind it. Run three miles a day and eat Snickers bars for lunch, and the health benefits of exercise have pretty much been erased. Beyond that, long-term health, short-term energy levels and much more are directly related to what you put in your diet. You certainly are what you eat, so eat well.

Here’s where you start:

Eat less sugar. The average American consumes more than 150 pounds of refined sweeteners a year. Considering that 20 million people now have Type II Diabetes, reducing the sugar in your diet should be a high priority.

Find sweets without refined sugar. Fresh fruit is always a good option, not to mention that seasonal treats such as apples and pears taste better than most processed junk. Also consider snacks such as dried fruit (mangos, raisins, goji berries). When you must sweeten your coffee or other drinks and foods, consider switching to raw honey, agave nectar or maple syrup—and use less than you normally would.

Frozen isn’t bad. While there is certainly a stigma behind using frozen veggies in everyday cooking, consider stocking up on them anyway. Frozen vegetables are healthy, easy to cook and cheap. This makes eating fresh, simple veggies so easy—just don’t forget to visit the local farmers’ market every once in awhile. (Tip: With frozen veggies, you can just pop them in a pot with a little water to steam, then serve with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper.)

One step at a time. Don’t get too bogged down in making a multitude of changes all at once. If you practice these steps for a couple weeks, you will be healthier next month. Then, add in a couple more new fruits and vegetables each month. Before you know it, you have cleaned up your diet effortlessly by enjoying more of life’s natural abundance.

—Seth Braun of Boulder’s High Energy Health and Nutrition (303.444.2357,

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