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The Village


The Village is a shopping center that’s been housing many of Boulder’s institutions for decades. All are independent, locally owned, with merchandise you won’t find anywhere else.

1. McGuckin Hardware, Inc.
We’ve love to shop, but going to the hardware store always seemed like a chore. At McGukin’s, home repair has never been so fun. Here you’ll find model trains, toys, art supplies and cast iron stoves, all amidst a funky decor.  303.443.1822

2. Sunflower Farmer’s Market
Their motto is “Better-than-supermarket quality at better-than-supermarket prices,” but the important thing is they have a great selection of organic and locally produced cheeses and produce. Great for the health conscious, the environmenally conscious, or the plain hungry. 303.449.0777

3. Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe
This is more than just a toy store, it’s a Boulder institution. “People who shopped here 30 years ago bring their kids in here,” says assistant manager Cindy Russo. Because they focus on independent toy makers, you won’t find these items at Target.   303.443.0780

4. Great Harvest Bread Company
Freeloaders and college students in Boulder sing this owner’s praises. Here, you don’t just get samples, but a big, hearty slice of homemade bread, and all the butter you want. It’s a smart marketing strategy. Once you taste their bread, just try to leave without buying a loaf. 303.442.3062

5. Ellie’s Eco Home Store
Having trouble finding an organic baby crib set? What started as a company selling green office supplies has since expanded to include enviro-friendly cleaning supplies, no-VOC paint and even an entire environmentally efficient house. 303.952.1004

6. Brewing Market
This is not your ordinary coffee shop.With every option you can think of to top off or spice up a cup of Joe, they also have an extensive collection of percolators, grinders and mugs for the home brewer. Yet, it’s the empressive array of desserts and snacks that puts other shops to shame. 303.444.4858

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