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Makeover Update: Putting Color First


by Nancy Taylor Farel, Creative Style Consultants
Meeting Morgan Ralph was a visual treat. She is a natural redhead! How distinctive is that? Her soft coppery tresses place her in a select category of human hair coloring. Fewer people comprise this group than any other. Hair tones in variations of blonde, brunette, black and gray are far more prevalent. Often redheads have skin and eye colors that contradict the orangey tones of their hair. Discussing the positives and negatives of being a redhead was the immediate topic for our initial work together. Our plan … put color first.

Morgan is scheduled to have a personal color consultation. It begins with a color analysis when I will match, from approximately 2600 fabric swathes, the color of that beautiful hair as well as her skin color, her eye color and the red that is the blush of her cheek. That collection of hues, the facial color portrait, will drive the selection of other color ranges specifically flattering to Morgan’s unique coloring. Color counts! Wearing enhancing hues creates unsolicited positive feedback. It is a quick way to ensure that you wear the clothes, rather than their wearing you and getting all the attention!

Next, after the color consultation, make-up! Some people love it (and can have a tendency to freakishly overdo), others hate it (and therefore lose the natural polish it can add to your look). Stay tuned, more to come. We are just embarking on Morgan’s color and style journey.

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    Just got back from doing my color with Nancy. It was wonderful. It was incredible to visually see with my eyes how perfect all of the shades we found worked. I see I have a lot of color mistakes in my wardrobe and a lot that I can still work with. Just great! Thanks again YS!

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