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Superkids: ROCK!


I want to go to rock ‘n’ roll camp so bad.

Yesterday, at the Yellow Scene’s first annual Camp & Education Expo, two of the area’s rock ‘n’ roll camps, Doghouse Music and Global Sound, brought some of their best and brightest to perform.

And man—these kids could rock.

When I started wandering around, I wandered past Global Sound where Altitude was just finishing their set. Suddenly, I recognized the bold chords of “Eye of the Tiger,” and when lead singer Megan Sandstrum started singing, I was hooked.

I made sure to listen up when the band Burned Toast took the Doghouse Music stage. The first two songs were clearly original creations: “World of Warcraft” and the eponymous “Burned Toast,” which they told me that they all write together. And when they opened up and started wailing on “Sweet Child of Mine,” I knew I had to meet these kids.

Will Scruggs (bass), Davis Conklin (guitar/vocals), Taylor Friesth (drums), Nick Peskind (guitar) and Tommy Blanchard (guitar) told me they came up with the name Burned Toast when Davis’ dad exclaimed “Crap! I burned the toast!” one morning, and told me that they hope to have a tour van one day called “The Toaster.”

“How long will it be before one of you is old enough to drive the tour van?” I asked.

“I’ll have my learner’s permit in two-and-a-half years,” Taylor said proudly.

When asked, they agreed unanimously that Led Zeppelin was their favorite band. Rock on, said I.

A little later, I wandered back to the Global Sound stage and saw a really cool sight: the band setting up was entirely female. This I had to see.

Love & Despair played Paramour’s “Crush,” Silversun Pickups’ “Lazy Eye” and Stereo Skyline’s “Uptown Get Around” and did an awesome job on each. Singer Alysun Mantych could totally handle the low and sultry parts of “Lazy Eye,” but she really shined on the higher, faster “Crush.” Kathryn Carlton (guitar), Anna Haley (drums), Raina Castaneda (bass) and Regina Castaneda (guitar) never seemed to miss a beat and handled themselves like professionals.

“Being in an all-girl band is easier,” Kathryn told me. Fewer fights and disagreements. “Boys tend to like old songs,” she said. “We all like the same music and get along really well.”

Well, girls, I’m totally jealous. I want to sing in an all-girl rock band!! Any chance you need back-up vocals? I can also play a mean tambourine.

For more photos of Burned Toast and Love & Despair as well of lots of other cool stuff from the Expo, go to our new Flickr group page! Join the group and upload your own photos of everything and anything 104th North!


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    Alysun is also the greatest friend you could ask for.They rock!were bffl’s.(best friends for life!)shes an amazing singer and deserves the special treatment.luv u alysun!

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