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Best for the Family


bowkidsrestaurant_p48Restaurant for Kids
EC.c : Two Dog Diner
BD.c : Gondolier on Pearl
Chuck E. Cheese, you can take your pizza and singing robots and shove them in your ball pit. The hip new diner in hip new subdivision Prospect is the perfect place for hip kids and their oh-so-hip parents to dine on grilled prawn and pesto omelets, Cobb salads and macaroni and gouda cheese. At Two Dog Diner in Longmont, families rule in this contemporary, clean and fresh take on a 1950s burger-and-shakes eatery (but here, the kids can get their burgers with cheese and you can get yours with lamb and olive tapenade). In Boulder, we like Gondolier on Pearl for a family-friendly, kid-pleasing destination. It’s simple: Kids love pizza and pasta…and there’s no giant mouse in sight.
EC.r : Chick-fil-A
BD.r : Red Robin

Kids Toys
EC.c : Crawdaddy Toys
BD.c : Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe
You can’t be a kid again—no mature how immature you act—but you can always indulge in a little youthful whimsy. At Crawdaddy Toys in Lafayette, childishness is infectious—in a good way. More than just a store, we love the entire toy-wonderland vibe, and your kids will too. At Grandrabbit’s in Boulder, it feels good to be a kid, even if you’re not. The place is electric with giggles and bursts of excitment.
EC.r : Crawdaddy Toys
BD.r : Grandrabbit’s

Kids Clothing
EC.c : Gymboree
BD.c : Rocky Mountain Kids
Sometimes it seems like kids never stop growing—never pausing to savor being itty bitty. And while it feels like you are on a constant shopping spree, you still want your kids to look presentable. Boulder’s Rocky Mountain Kids is the place to take your progenies, dressing them to be the sweet little angels that you know they can be. At Gymboree in Flatirons Mall, your little one will be as hip as a 5-year-old can be.

Place to be a Kid
EC.c : Xtreme Challenge
BD.c : ABC Kids Athletic Facility
Anytime you conceal excercise into games—much like hiding peas in mac and cheese—it’s a good thing. Bring out your child’s inner American gladiator at Xtreme Challenge in Thornton, where they work to make your kid well-rounded and athletic. At ABC Kids in Boulder, climbing is the name of the game—from rings and trapeze, ropes and walls.
EC.r : B&C Bounce Town
BD.r : Outside

Pet Store
EC.c Struttin’ Pup Dog Bakery and Bath
You can’t walk into Struttin’ Pup without feeling a bit cooler—even if you are sans canine. That’s probably because the two owners are former rocker chics who went doggone crazy when they opened this hip little doggie joint—a three-in-one destination where your pup can get toys, treats or a trim.
EC.r : Struttin’ Pup

BD.c : Whole Pets
They say that animals often mimic their owners—so, it’s not surprising that Boulder would beget a place like Whole Pets, offering all-natural food and supplies. Don’t worry, it’s not all organic bamboo-fiber collars and tofu and brown rice doggie chow. Whole Pets has a wide variety of toys and treats.
BD.r : PCs Pantry

EC.c : Dr. Donald Dodge (Jasper Animal Hospital)
My cat howls every time she goes to the vet. Vets usually describe her as “feisty.” And while, she hates the vet, I love him…and so do those who take their pets to Jasper Animal Hospital in Lafayette, where Dr. Donald Dodge evokes rave reviews from his clientele (at least their owners). Animals probably even like him, which is saying something.
EC.r : Long’s Peak Animal Hospital

BD.c : Dr. Robert Silver (Boulder’s Natural Animal)
We adore a man who loves animals. And Dr. Robert Silver of Boulder’s Natural Animal has more than 20 years of providing Colorado’s pets with holistic care. He preachs an integrated philosophy of veterinary medicine but he designs herbal and nutraceutical products for pets.
BD.r : Broadway Animal Hospital

Neighborhood To Live In
EC.c : Prospect
I long to live on Tempted Ways Drive. Then, when someone asks for my address, I can look at them, bat my eyelashes, and tenderly let it role off my tongue, “Tempted. Ways. Drive.” That’s only one perk of Prospect New Town in Longmont. The project is funky and uber-modern, blending work, play and life. Tempted?
EC.r : Vista Ridge

Annual Celebration
EC.c : Downtown Street Fair
Some call it the Boulder Creek Fest of East County—except Louisville’s Downtown Street Fair is every week in the summer. Over the years, the town has transitioned into a hot spot, and the fair represents it’s progress, charm and style.
EC.r : Lafayette Peach Fest

BD.c : Boulder Creek Fest
The Boulder Creek Festival is legendary. And it’s got rubber duckies. This kick-off to summer brings music, food and festivities throughout Boulder, making it a cannot-miss affair. Check out bands, mosey by vendors, watch as thousands of duckies wreak havoc and see everyone you know.
BD.r : Boulder Creek Fest

EC.c : Mike Donovan at Longs Peak Middle School
Mike Donovan is a no-glory type of guy—but does amazing things with, gasp, math. “Kids will remember him when they are 33 years old. They’ll say, ‘Mike Donovan was the teacher that made me who I am,’” said Longs Peak Middle School Principal Matt Buchler.
EC.r : Debbie Jenkins at Alexander Dawson

BD.c : Jeri Eurich at Crest View Elementary
As a special education teacher at Crest View Elementary, Jeri Eurich wields her heart as a sword in her personal fight to ensure no child is left behind, creating learners out of children who weren’t learning prior.
BD.r : Colby Jones at Sunset Middle School

Private School
EC.c & EC.r : Alexander Dawson
BD.c & BD.r : Boulder Country Day

Public School
EC.c & EC.r : Niwot High School
BD.c & BD.r : Boulder High School


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