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Best Mid-Day


bowtheater_p44Theater Company
BD.c : Colorado Shakespeare Festival
When does a theater company become more than a theater company? Well, when they provide consistently spectacular productions while artfully crafting a unique performance model. In Boulder, Colorado Shakespeare Festival has been making the Bard proud for more than 50 years—causing much ado about a little something called classical theater. This season, Hamlet will rock your world.
BD.r : Boulder Dinner Theater

Power Lunch
EC.c : Village Tavern
Interlocken suits and ties—as well as the hungry hoards across the highway in Lafayette and Louisville—looking for a suave, consistent and polished place to take a client to lunch are consistently drawn to the varied and well-executed meals served at the Village Tavern. From aged steaks, fresh fish, and prime rib to specialty salads, pasta and pizzas, there is a dish for every palate.
EC.r : Treppeda’s Italian Ristorante

BD.c : 14th St. Bar and Grill
Launched in 1988, Jack Kerner and his partner Kathy Andrade’s contemporary American grill features wood-fired cooking and robust, flavorful food. Light, comfortable and personable, the concise menu has always featured turkey dinner with all the trimmings but remains fresh with periodic new dishes added and the retirement of others. Its fishbowl windows and sidewalk seating along the Pearl Street Mall ensure that Boulder’s movers and shakers can keep an eye on their counterparts.
BD.r : The Kitchen

EC.c : Brooklyn Deli
The sandwiches at Longmont’s Brooklyn Deli ROCK!
EC.r : Deli Zone

BD.c : Salvaggio’s
John Salvaggio’s Boston roots bring an East Coast attitude and authenticity to the table. Boar’s Head meats, fresh grilled veggies, Dijon mustard and oh, those fresh-baked rolls provide enough lunchtime ammo to frag any appetite. If you can pull yourself down from the Italian sandwich at the top, or away from the steak and American cheese (with grilled onions and peppers certainly) give the fresh mozz. & red bells a shot.
BD.r : Snarf’s

Happy Hour
EC.c : Waterloo
There is a reason they call it happy hour: Mostly because you’ll be home in time to watch The Office and get a good night’s sleep. The thing that makes happy hour at Waterloo so, well, happy is that it’s every day of the week (God bless the liver of the intrepid imbiber who makes it to all Waterloo happy hours). From Monday all the way until Saturday (they’re not open on Sunday) from 4–6:30pm, Waterloo takes a $1 off all well drinks, draft beers, house wine, and four different appetizers.
EC.r : Magnolia

BD.c : Catacomb’s
Underneath one of Boulder’s most eminent landmarks sits one of the city’s most esteemed, treasured sources of joy and rivalry—Catacombs’ darn good happy hour. Monday–Friday from 4–9pm, Boulder’s very own Catacombs bestows upon its clientele gifts of cheap booze: $1 well drinks and domestic draft, $2 you-call-its and so much more.
BD.r : The Mediterranean

Golf Course
EC.c : Colorado National Golf Club (formerly Vista Ridge)
The impeccably maintained, undulating greens of the CNGC in Erie offer stunning views of the snow-capped Indian Peaks at every turn. But when your attention turns to your lie and figuring out your next shot, you realize that an artist has conspired to build a coiffed course to test your skills—be you weekend hacker or buttoned-down executive with a single-digit handicap. And if you think the lack of trees means your score won’t suffer from that endemic hook or slice, the nefarious water, sand and rough will prove you oh so wrong.
EC.r : Indian Peaks

BD.c : Boulder Country Club
If you have 30 grand burning a hole in your pocket and you like to play golf, play tennis (indoor and out), work out, swim and enjoy a delicious meal at the end of the day, you can’t do much better than a Full Golf membership at the Boulder Country Club. The immaculate 18-hole Press Maxwell-designed course southwest of 75th Street and Lookout Road includes a nine-hole executive course for working on your short game. It almost makes you want to start a Ponzi scheme…Almost.
BD.r : Flatirons

for the weekend
Auto Repair
EC.c & EC.r : Stan’s Tire & Auto Services Center
BD.c : Roadmasters Auto & Tire
BD.r : Import Specialists

EC.c : The Wave
EC.r : Main Street Carwash
BD.c & BD.r : The Puddle

Ready-made Dinners
EC.c : The Cook’s Studio
EC.r : Supper Solutions
BD.c & BD.r : Organic Dish

Specialty Grocer
EC.c : Karl’s Dairy
EC.r : Vitamin Cottage
BD.c & BD.r : Whole Foods

EC.c : The Orchard
EC.r : Atlas Valley
BD.c : Pearl Street
BD.r : 29th Street

Old Town

EC.c & EC.r : The Muse
BD.c : Art and Soul
BD.r : SmithKlein Gallery

Theater Company
EC.c : Longmont Theater Company
EC.r : Jester’s Theatre

EC.c & EC.r : Longmont Museum
BD.c : University of Colorado Museum of Natural History


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