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Death of the Daily?


Newspapers might be killing themselves. The signs were there long ago—but they refused to change. Their biggest problem is they focus on the shareholders and not content. I don’t need to know that pirates seized the captain from my local newspaper—I already heard that nine times before I left the house via the TV, my phone, igoogle, rss, etc. What is more interesting is what made that happen.

Newspapers will NEVER have an 80 percent market share again. They are down to about 25 percent these days and that is where they are staying unless they radically change how they operate. And it’s not just staff size they need to change. It’s content. What matters to people? A bunch of old, fat cats sitting in board room might not have that idea, and unfortunately there ain’t a whole lot of private investors willing to buy them up.

As the babyboomers die off you just may see the newspaper fade away completely.


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family. Google

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